Of 19,893 Austin Realtors, only 24 have the power to boost your home through Zillow Showcase.

We’re one of them.


We provide a home listing experience that rises above the rest.  

Because most buyers start their home search with online portals like Zillow, it's imperative that your home's online presence stand apart from other homes for sale.  

We are one of a select number of Austin real estate agents (24 of us, in fact) that have the power to raise your home's profile as a Zillow Showcase listing.

These exclusive Showcase listings are designed to attract serious buyers to your home using a combination of special map markers, enhanced visuals, an immersive online tour experience, AI leverage, and prioritized ranking in searches.  That equates to your home receiving more page views, more saves, and more shares from interested buyers.  It's a home search experience unlike any other.

When you couple the visibility boost that Zillow Showcase provides with our deep local expertise you are one step closer to having your home seen AND sold.

By making your home a Zillow Showcase Listing, we can raise its profile with:

Prioritized ranking in buyer search results

Your Austin home will receive prioritized ranking in buyer search results on the number one home search portal nationwide -- amplifying your listing in front of over 226 million average monthly unique Zillow visitors.

Special search markers to elevate your home's visibility

Showcase listings have eye-catching icons and a special tag in the map view that makes them stand apart from other homes for sale. With a limited number of showcase listings available in Austin, the unique markers draw more attention.

Enhanced visual presentation that stands out from other listings

Showcase listings receive an enhanced visual presentation that highlights your home's best features and distinguishes it from other listings.  High-resolution scrolling hero images, aerial photography, and virtual twilight capture the buyer's eye.

Immersive search experience

Showcase listings engage buyers with an immersive experience that includes room-by-room photo organization, a 3D virtual tour, and interactive floor plans to connect the photos to the location in the home.  

Dedicated feature in Zillow's new "property alert" emails to buyers

Your home will be featured in new dedicated "property alert" emails that Zillow sends to interested buyers when your listing matches their search criteria.  

Heightened exposure in Zillow's in-app notifications

 As buyer's search for homes on Zillow,  your home will receive heightened exposure through strategic placement and in-app notifications.


With a limited number of showcase listings available in Austin, your home will stand out from the competition.

Zillow Showcase listings get:








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Our frequently asked questions help you understand the process from start to finish -- before you are in the middle of a transaction.  That way you can focus on what is happening in the moment instead of worrying about what's next.

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