Why Realtors have a bad reputation

Regrettably, a lot of people dislike Realtors.  

They’ve either had a bad experience, know someone who had a bad experience, or they simply think working as a real estate professional doesn’t take any real skill.   They aren’t necessarily wrong.

Truth be told, many agents don’t have enough experience and will never gain enough experience to develop into a true professional.  There’s significant turnover in the real estate industry, and the number of active real estate agents often falls and rises with the economy. 

It’s also true that many real estate agents come from other professions and later fall into real estate.  Former teachers, hairdressers, lawyers, police officers, photographers.  Skilled and unskilled.  Educated and uneducated.  Oftentimes, misfits who buck tradition.

And when you add the fact that a new real estate agent is often viewed as being equal to an agent with 20+ years of experience, you are bound to come across a few bad apples that provide rotten service and sour the whole real estate transaction.  

That's why experience matters  

A Realtor with experience has learned from the school of hard knocks.  

Theoretically a real estate agent with 20 years of experience will have closed at least one transaction a month or more than 240 sales in his or her career – learning along the way. An experienced Realtor has survived in both a good and bad economy and has the foresight to protect their clients’ best interest regardless of market conditions.   And an experienced agent knows how to negotiate and resolve unexpected issues. 

There is value in experience.

So yes, some agents don’t earn what they make.  But many other agents do.  

Ask questions, do your research, and find an agent that is invested in your success.

We know uncertain outcomes can be scary.  

Here's your success plan.


We educate you on Austin neighborhoods, help you avoid costly mistakes, and guide you through the process of finding that special home where your best memories will be made.


We help you keep all the balls in the air and reduce the stress of the process -- all while attracting potential buyers to your house so your home sells quickly for the best price.


He blew us away with his expertise on Austin's housing market, his friendliness, his extreme patience (lots of it, since we changed our minds quite a bit) and, what I valued most, his brutal honesty.   

-- Jessica D.

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