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What’s hot in Central Austin home interiors

Marquette Reddam

After spending 17 years proudly representing the public school districts of Texas, Marquette retired from the practice of law in 2016 to give her left...

After spending 17 years proudly representing the public school districts of Texas, Marquette retired from the practice of law in 2016 to give her left...

Feb 5 3 minutes read

Remember when popular home design site Houzz released their list of anticipated home design trends for 2017?  Now that we are halfway through the year, we can confirm that Houzz’s predictions were spot on.  While some trends have been more popular than others, here are the 8 styles we’re consistently seeing when we’re out looking at Central Austin homes:   

1.  Patterned tile:  Spanish-style encaustic tile with bold designs and bright patterns is popular right now.  With affordable ceramic options on the market, it’s easier than ever to make a big design design impact at a reasonable cost.

Central Austin home interiors

2.  Brass hardware:  This is not your shiny brass of the 1980s, but a polished brass with a matte sheen.  We’re seeing it in kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures, as well as in lighting.

Central Austin home interiors

3.  Geometric patterns: Many homeowners are selecting bold patterns in geometric shapes, like chevrons, triangles, or hexagons. It shows up in everything from tile, to shower curtains, and sculptural objects.  

Central Austin home interiors

4.  Boho chic accents:  This style can take many forms, but often includes woven wall hangings, textural fabrics, a mish mash of patterns, hanging plants, colorful rugs, and lots of layers.  This is style especially resonates with the millennials.      

Central Austin home interiors

5.  Natural walls:  Homeowners are adding character and contrast by leaving an accent wall of exposed brick or natural wood in bedrooms and living spaces.  For homes that don’t have these elements in the existing construction, there are faux versions out there that can be installed with minimal fuss.  

Central Austin home interiors

6.  Cacti & succulents:  These water-wise plants are having a major design moment.  They’re everywhere from coffee tables to countertops.  

Fuss-free succulents and cacti are frequently seen in Central Austin home interiors 

7.  Open kitchen shelving:  Homeowners are opting to replace closed cabinets with open shelving.  Just beware!  You have to be committed to keeping your shelves tidy to pull this one off. 

Open shelving is popular for Central Austin home interiors in 2017

8.  Dark Colors:  Saturated colors, particularly those in the graphite family, are really hot right now.  Darker colors add depth and a moody vibe to a room.  Just be prepared for some serious work when you want to go back to something lighter.  Dark colors can be a pain to cover up.

Central Austin home interiors

Are you seeing any hot trends we missed?  If so, send us a picture and we’ll update our list!

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