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Our clients' favorite Austin home features

Marquette Reddam

After spending 17 years proudly representing the public school districts of Texas, Marquette retired from the practice of law in 2016 to give her left...

After spending 17 years proudly representing the public school districts of Texas, Marquette retired from the practice of law in 2016 to give her left...

Apr 22 5 minutes read

It's easy to love your home when it's yours because you associate it with favorite memories, comfort, and loved ones. But do you ever wonder what other people might find attractive about your Austin home? 

We polled our clients to figure out what are the most important home features, and we're sharing the results with you. If you're looking to make your home more attractive to buyer or to simply add value, here are the five home features that Austinites love most. Number four may surprise you...

1. Closet and storage space

Favorite home features

While it may not be glamorous, several of our clients stressed the importance of having adequate space to store their belongings. Not only does it feel nice to have a place for everything to belong, it makes for a clean and organized house knowing that there is space to hide all the clutter. 

So how can you maximize the out-of-sight storage potential in your home? If your home is pressed for space, consider tapping into the unused space under the staircase, add additional shelving units or cabinets in the garage, and take advantage of the often-overlooked space in the attic. If that still doesn't do the trick many of our client have added small storage sheds in their backyard. 

2. Mudroom / laundry room 

Mudrooms were originally created in rural settings where roads weren't paved and boots were continually muddy. Now they've been adopted by urban homes as a prep zone between outdoor and indoor activities. 

A mudroom is a practical area for taking off shoes, leaving an umbrella, and even storing coats, sports gear, and backpacks after the school day. Laundry appliances are often included in this area. Not only does this drop zone add storage space, but it also keeps appliances, messes, and piles of laundry tucked away. Our clients love the idea of being able to close the door on the mess that tends to accumulate during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

3. Kitchen island

Kitchen island in Austin homes

When our clients told us that their kitchen island was their favorite part of their home, it was easy to understand why. It's one of our favorite parts too! 

Kitchen islands are a multi-functional workhorse. Not only do they provide extra space for meal prep, they are also a great place for gathering - for meals, for homework, for entertaining. Kitchen islands are so popular that today's homeowners often forego having a traditional kitchen table in favor of having a larger island with counter stools for extra seating. 

4. Nice outdoor area / patio 

Several clients told us that they love their outdoor patios, especially those that invested in turning their patio into an outdoor living space. Clients told us that they've added porch heaters, grills, fire pits, outdoor movie equipment, comfortable seating, and more that the space can be used year-round. And why not? With Austin's usually temperate weather it makes sense to expand your living and entertaining space. 

Personally, we love the flexibility that an outdoor living space offers our family. The kids can run around in the backyard while we visit with friends over a glass of wine. Win-win! 

5. Abundant natural light

abundant natural lighting

When we think of our favorite homes we've sold over the years they all have one thing in common -- bright, natural light. It's no surprise that several of our clients said they couldn't live without their large windows and light-filled spaces. 

The more natural light in a home, the less of a need there is for artificial lighting. It's hard to find a light bulb that doesn't feel too yellow or dim or too fluorescent. Keeping window treatments minimal or making your windows a little taller and wider will bring in light that will benefit your home's value. 

So forget what the magazines say; our Austin clients know what works.

If you're craving to add some of these features to your Austin home, please reach out. We are happy to share out trusted resources for contractors, landscapers, and more. We're always happy to help you with your home journey! 

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Our clients' favorite Austin home features

Marquette Reddam, Director of Operations

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